SHOCKING VIDEO: Thugs Ambush Teen And Steel His $2000 Jordans

Last weekend a Queens, NY, teenager was jumped by a trio of thugs who wanted his expensive sneakers, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Police say the victim was just 17 years old. He was standing on the sidewalk in front of 143 Quince Avenue in Flushing last Saturday, staring at his phone. In a surveillance video obtained by police, you see a white Volkswagen Passat slow down as it drives by and eventually pull to a stop several yards behind the kid. Then three males get out, run up to the teen, and jump him. One of the thugs holds the kid down while the other two pull his sneakers off his feet.

According to the police, the sneakers were rare Air Jordans worth an estimated $2,000.

The three thugs run back to their car, and the victim gives chase in his socks, but it was no use.

Take a look:

Sadly, this kind of thing is not uncommon. In fact, people have actually been murdered for sneakers that cost a lot less than $2,000. All things considered, the victim in this video should consider himself lucky.

Fortunately the police got a very good look at the car and the three thugs who were in it thanks to security cameras in the area. Hopefully justice will be served.

Hat Tip – [Live Leak]

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