Day At The Racetrack Ends With Multiple Brawls & A Vicious Kick To The Head (VIDEO)

Everybody likes a good brawl every now and then, but sometimes, things can quickly get out of hand and it goes from a fight, to multiple brawls, to attempted murder. Wait…what?

During a recent event at a racetrack in England, a couple of guys, who clearly had drinks flowing inside of them, got into an argument that got out of hand. It ended with at least one guy knocked out on the ground and on the receiving end of a shoe to his head.

Via [The Sun]:

THIS is the horrifying moment a Goodwood racegoer was booted in the head as he lay unconscious after a booze-fuelled brawl.

Shocking footage shows 25 tanked-up louts throwing punches after a bar brawl spilled on to the concourse.

One thug is even seeing taking a run-up before booting another man in the head as he lies unconscious on the ground.

Six men were left needing medical treatment after the fight at Goodwood Racecourse in Chichester, West Sussex, on Saturday afternoon.

Eyewitness Kevin Hill Tweeted: “The problem is racing starts around 2ish, these teams of guys are entering the racecourse well oiled…

“Some guy pushing in at the bar, absolutely sloshed, being abusive, to be fair the bar man refused to serve him, warned him of ejection.”

Ignore the above caption in the tweet. Not even close to being correct.