Enraged Little League Coach Goes After Drunk Parent With Aluminum Bat (VIDEO)

A little league coach from Cincinnati went absolutely berserk at a youth baseball tournament in Indianapolis over the weekend, charging after a parent from the opposing team with an aluminum baseball bat.

Luckily, other parents were able to jump in and prevent any actual violence. But the whole incident was caught on video and published on Facebook, where it has now been viewed over 385,000 times.

The coach in question is believed to be Paul Melvin, head coach of the Cincy Flames, who had just lost to the Evoshield Canes at the USSSA Indy Festival Super NIT on Sunday.

As the video begins, you hear a bunch of people yelling “Paul! Paul! Paul!” while the person recording the video, or someone close by, calmly says “Paul’s coming with a bat.” Then you see a guy hop over the dugout fence with a bat and run over toward another group of parents, and at that point everything turns to chaos.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, the person who posted the video on Facebook is the parent of a Canes player. He neglected to offer any insight into what actually set the Flames coach off, but he did manage to gloat about the fact that his kid’s team won. Because that’s really what this is all about, right?

Of course, amidst the commotion captured in the video, you can hear a number of people accuse one of the Canes parents of being drunk. So you can bet alcohol had something to do with all of this.

Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]

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