Dustin Johnson Reveals The One Thing Paulina Gretzky Always Yells At Him About

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

In addition to being one hot momma, Paulina Gretzky also appears to be a pretty chill wife judging by the many Instagram posts of her just laying back and having a good time with husband Dustin Johnson. However, as DJ recently revealed during an interview with For The Win, The Great One’s daughter isn’t always all smiles and good times. There are moments when she can’t help but go off on her hubby.

So what is it Dustin Johnson does that gets Paulina so upset at times? Playing golf in the house, of course.

Here’s what DJ had to say while talking about his oldest son Tatum (via FTW):

“I take him out in the yard and we hit balls, and we hit balls in the house and break stuff,” he told For The Win last week.

And what does his fiancee Paulina Gretzky think of that?

“I make sure she’s not home,” he said with a chuckle.

But what happens when she gets home?

“I get yelled at.”

Maybe it’s time to start taking Tatum to the driving range.


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