It Took Orioles Star Adam Jones Well Over A Year To Receive His Big Baller Brand Shoes (VIDEO)

Anyone who’s ever pre-ordered sneakers online have dealt with the frustration of waiting for their products, all while dealing with terrible customer service in order to receive a simple answer. Nobody has anything on what Adam Jones had to deal with recently, though.

The Baltimore Orioles star had an unusually difficult time getting his hands on Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand ZO2’s. His problem was he ordered them well over a year ago, and he just now received them.

The center fielder took to his Instagram story to post about the incident, stating, “I’m not one to complain, but these something [that] just got her.” “I bought these a year ago. They just got here.”

Jones may have ordered the original version of the shoe when it was first announced in May 2017, but nonetheless, he’s still excited to have received them.

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