Nats Pitcher Wander Suero Probably Saved His Own Life With Incredible Snag On 100-MPH Liner (VIDEO)

Wander Suero 100-MPH Liner

Pitcher safety has become a major topic of conversation in Major League Baseball over the last several years. Just about every year we see one or two guys take comeback liners to the head, and a lot of observers agree that, at the rate we’re going, it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets killed.

On Tuesday night in San Diego, Nationals rookie reliever Wander Suero almost became that somebody.

Suero was pitching to Padres third baseman Chase Headly with no outs and nobody on in the bottom of the ninth when Headly ripped a 100.2-MPH liner right at the pitcher’s head. Fortunately, not only did Suero’s survival instincts kick in, but he also happens to be blessed with cat-like reflexes. So instead of causing a skull fracture and massive hemorrhaging of the brain, Headly’s liner was merely out number one.

Take a look:


If that were me, I would have called the manager out to the mound, handed him the ball, and been like, “nope, I’m done, you can give this to somebody else.”

Fortunately for the Nationals, the real Wander Suero was unfazed. He stayed in the game and recorded the final two outs, sealing a 4-0 win for his team.

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