Meek Mill Reveals What He, Gucci Mane, And Robert Kraft Were Talking About At Celtics-Sixers Game (VIDEOS)

Robert Kraft Meek Mill Gucci Mane

Last week rappers Meek Mill and Gucci Mane were caught on camera having an animated conversation at Game 2 between the 76ers and Celtics in Boston, all while billionaire New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft looked on in what almost looked like bewilderment.

It was such an odd little scene, and social media absolutely ate it up.



Of course the question on everyone’s mind was, what the hell are these guys talking about? And fortunately, Meek Mill was happy to give us the answer.

“I was telling Gucci, ‘Robert a real dude, man.’ Seriously, he came to visit me in jail, he spoke out for me. He has a lot of influence,” Mill said on Sports Illustrated TV on Wednesday. “I’m like, ‘He’s a real dude.’… [Kraft] was saying how nice of a guy Gucci was and Gucci came over, and I was telling Gucci I respect Kraft.”



If this isn’t the most unlikely friendship in sports, I don’t know what is. Robert Kraft, a white 76-year-old Donald Trump supporter. And Meek Mill, a black 31-year-old rapper who just got out of prison.

Maybe America isn’t hopelessly divided after all.

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