This 6’7″, 370-Pound 8th Grader Is Generating Tremendous Buzz Around College Football (VIDEO)

Twenty years ago, your typical 8th grader was probably around 5’5″, and between 120-160 lbs. Things have clearly changed since then.

Kiyaunta Goodwin is a name you’re going to hear over the next couple of years, because as of right now, he stands at 6’7″ and weighs 370 pounds. Oh and did we mention that he’s only in the 8th grade? Just in case you weren’t impressed yet, he also wears a size 18 shoe. Eat your heart out, Shaq!

Goodwin is currently the hottest thing pumping out of Olmsted Academy North in Louisville, Kentucky as he’s already been offered five college football scholarships with the number expected to grow as he gets closer to graduating from high school.

“He’s a real college lineman right now,” says Raesean Bruce, Goodwin’s middle school coach. When Goodwin gives you a “bro-like” handshake, Bruce says your head basically bashes into his shoulder. “He’s just so big, and he doesn’t know his real strength yet.”

His mother, Kimberly Durham, knew this would be an issue as he continued to grow, so she naturally takes his birth certificate everywhere they go because most school bus drivers didn’t believe his age. This all started when he was just six-years-old.

“Every day, someone wants to know how old he is,” Durham says. “And when you tell them, they don’t believe you. At his size, I get afraid that people will mistake him as a grown man.”

Don’t be fooled into thinking his height came solely from his father, because his mother stands at 6’3″ herself.

“By the age of four, doctors told his mother that he could grow to be 7’10” based on his bone structure. On a visit a few months ago, doctors said that Goodwin could still grow to be more than seven feet tall.

As a result of both his height and weight, everything in Goodwin’s life has had to be customized. His bed is king-sized and extra long. Most of his clothing and shoes must be ordered online. The football team had to borrow football pants for him from a nearby high school. He wears an NFL helmet and pads, and his cleats won’t fit inside his school locker.”

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