Ex-CFL Player Subdues Woman With Gun At Florida High School During Brawl: “Don’t Shoot The Kids” (VIDEO)

A former Canadian Football League player is being called a hero today after his acts during a brawl possibly prevented the loss of many lives.

Former Calgary Stampeders defensive back Lin-J Shell was in the right place at the right time when his quick thinking actions allowed him to disarm a woman who brought a gun inside Jean Ribault High School last week.

“I just did what I hope someone would do for my son,” Shell, 36, told Ryan Rumbolt of Postmedia. “I love all my students, every one of them.”

Shell said a brawl broke out in the gymnasium after an “irate parent,” upset about a social media feud between her nephew and another student, showed up at the school with several men. The woman, identified by police as 43-year-old Sharon Kelly, allegedly had a small black handgun, which she pulled out as she entered the brawl.”

Here’s two videos of the incident:

Fight part 1 and part 2😭😭😭

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“I walked behind her and I noticed I could see the rear sights of the gun. So I grabbed her wrist and grabbed her elbow and locked her arm down, saying, ‘Please don’t shoot the kids, please don’t shoot the kids,'” Shell said.

Shell was able to pin the woman down while keeping the gun pointed towards the ground until help came.

“I’m not a hero, man,” he said. “I’m just a guy.”

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