LeBron Shows Off INSANE Videographic Memory, Gives Play-By-Play Of Crucial 70-Second Stretch In Perfect Detail (VIDEO)

LeBron James

Most players need to study game film in order to break down a key sequence of a game. But not LeBron James.

Following the Cavs’ loss to the Celtics in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday, a reporter asked LeBron if he could explain what happened at the start of the fourth quarter, when the Celtics came out and scored seven points in just 69 seconds.

LeBron responded by literally telling the reporter every single thing that happened during those 69 seconds:

“What happened? We ran them, the first possession, we ran ’em down all the way to 2 on the shot clock. Marcus Morris missed a jump shot, followed it up. They got a dunk. We came back down. We ran a set for Jordan Clarkson. And he came off and missed it. They rebounded it. And we came back on the defensive end, and we got a stop. They took it out on the sideline. Jayson Tatum took the ball out, threw it to Marcus Smart in the short corner. He made a 3. We come back down, miss another shot. And then, Tatum came down, went 94 feet, did a Euro step and made a right-hand layup. Timeout. There you go.”


For comparison, here’s the official play-by-play via ESPN:


That. Is. Insane.

With an ability to process and break down plays like that, LeBron is going to make one hell of a coach when his playing days are through.

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