Raccoon Captured Inside Dodger Stadium Bullpen Before Sunday’s Game (VIDEO)

Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, is that you?

Coming within one game of winning the World Series in 2017, the Los Angeles Dodgers were expected to be in the thick of things once again in 2018, but it hasn’t quite turned out that way.

On Sunday, the struggling Dodgers took on the struggling Cincinnati Reds when an unexpected visitor decided to show up before the game. A wild raccoon was found wandering around the Reds’ bullpen mere hours before the game, according to The Associated Press.


What isn’t clear is how the raccoon made its way into the park, but a stadium worker ended up calling animal control and had it safely removed before the start of the game.

The determination is that raccoon could’ve given the Dodgers the spark they needed, because they ended up losing 5-3 and dropping their already terrible record to 16-24.

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