Newest Panthers Owner David Tepper Once Called Donald Trump A “Demented, Narcissistic Scumbag”

After almost five months on the market, the Carolina Panthers finally found a new owner when Hedge fund manager David Tepper agreed to buy the Panthers from team founder Jerry Richardson for an NFL-record $2.2 billion.

Tepper, 60, is a part owner of the Steelers and also a guy who does not like Donald Trump. Just last month, Tepper wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings about the 45th president at his alma mater.

“The economy’s really good right now, despite different things,” Tepper told a first-year business school student at Carnegie Mellon University (the business school is named after Tepper following his $55 million donation in 2004). “…Whether I like the person or not I’m not going to get into that—although I did call him a demented, narcissistic scumbag. And if you look up demented, narcissistic scumbag, you’ll see my name calling Trump that. Just Google those three words.”

Tepper will join a very small group of NFL owners who are not fans of President Donald Trump, who has been at war with the league dating back to 1984 when he owned the USFL’s New Jersey Generals.

Back in November 2016, Tepper unleashed his fury on Trump just before the election when he says he heard future first lady Melania Trump introduce her husband as a “giving, generous and charitable person.”

He called into CNBC’s Squawk Box show the day before the election to say this:

“One thing I do with my wife, this is a thing called the Golden Rule. It has nothing to do with investments—nothing to do with investments,” Tepper emphasized. “It says do unto others as you would have others do unto you. And that’s not being done with Trump—not at least on the good side. It just was a turning point. That’s my upbringing. I can’t help it. I can’t take it anymore. And when you lie about that stuff and you lie about fundamental beliefs.

“Listen, Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies, especially concerned with charity or good deeds.”

“During the financial crisis, during Sandy, [Trump did] not [give] one dime, and I know this for fact—not conjecture—not one dime to one major food bank or one major pantry in Jersey during Sandy,” Tepper continued on CNBC. “You can’t tell me this is a charitable, giving person. When you live in these places and you are living with your people and you’re supposedly a multi-billionaire, and not one dime [donated] for the people in their greatest hour of need.”

“This is a guy, and you talk about calamity, this is a guy that has to remind himself on the podium to stay on message,” Tepper told CNBC. “‘Stay on message, Donald. Stay on message.’ The reason people are nervous about this guy is, is he going to get in the Oval Office and say, ‘Don’t press that button, Donald. Don’t press that red button.’ It could be dangerous. I don’t want a guy that talks like that to himself after he’s reminding himself to stay on message.

“It makes people nervous. And that’s economics. If the world’s destroyed, I don’t have anything. So that’s not good for me.”

For the most part, Trump has veered away from his issues with the NFL after weeks of bashing the league for not handling the National Anthem protests during the 2017 NFL season.

(Sports Illustrated)

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