PGA Star Lucas Glover Claims Wife Attacked Him, Called Him A P*ssy For Playing Bad In Golf Tourney

Imagine yourself going to work everyday and being the best worker you can be, but like humans are prone to do, you screw up a little here and there. Now imagine going home and telling your wife about it, only to get physically attacked and called out for your failures.

Lucas Glover now knows that feeling.

The PGA Star, who won the 2009 U.S. Open, told cops his wife, Krista, physically attacked him over the weekend because he played poorly in a golf tournament, resulting in her calling him a ‘pussy’ and a ‘loser.’

TMZ Sports has the rest of the crazy details:

It’s all in a police report obtained by TMZ Sports … which says cops in Jacksonville, Florida were called to a rented house where Glover, his wife and mother were staying.

According to the report, Lucas’ mother had cuts on her arms and blood on her chest when cops arrived … and said Krista had attacked both her and Lucas.

When cops made contact with Lucas, he said the fight started after he played a bad round of golf at the Players Championship earlier that day.

The police report states … “Lucas advised me every time he plays poorly in a tournament, Krista begins yelling at him, stating he is a ‘loser’ and ‘p*ssy’ and ultimately starting an altercation with him about his performance.”

Lucas told cops that Krista was drinking heavily that day before the fight.

The golfer also told police, “how he better win or [Krista] and the kids would leave him and he would never see their kids again.”

Lucas also said he was tired of all the fights and couldn’t take it anymore.

Krista was eventually arrested for domestic violence — but cops say she became combative and resisted.

While she was en route for the jail, she allegedly threatened the arresting officers saying, “This is why cops get shot in the face.”

Cops also say Krista kicked the squad car so hard, the door separated from the frame.

Lucas has since tweeted about the incident:

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