Reuben Foster’s Ex-GF To Testify She Lied About Domestic Abuse; 49ers LB Faced 11 Years In Prison

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Elissa Ennis is just one of many women who will never face punishment for purposely lying about domestic violence, even though her lie could’ve sent Reuben Foster to prison for a long time.

The San Francisco 49ers linebacker was arrested in February on charges of domestic violence, threats, and possession of an assault weapon because of what his now-ex-girlfriend told authorities.

After things started to progress fairly quickly, she would go on to retract everything she told investigators. The Sacramento Bee has the story on how she plans to correct her mistakes, but not face any punishment.

“Elissa Ennis, the ex-girlfriend of Reuben Foster, plans to testify Thursday that the 49ers linebacker did not hit her on Feb. 11 and that she initially lied to police, her attorney confirmed Tuesday.

Ennis has since said, through attorney Stephanie Rickard, that the injuries she suffered, including a swollen lip and a ruptured eardrum, came from a prior fight with a woman. A video of Ennis scuffling with a woman has been given to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Clark said Ennis would be putting herself at risk of prosecution by admitting she fabricated her initial story but that he didn’t think the district attorney’s office would file charges against her.

On Feb. 11, Ennis told police he not only hit her 10 times with a closed fist, he dragged her down some stairs by her hair and threw her out of his Los Gatos home three times. She claimed he also smashed two cell phones — which Foster acknowledged in the police report — and during a previous argument threw her dog across a room.

Ennis is believed to have recanted that story to authorities just a few days after the initial incident. Still, the district attorney ultimately filed felony charges against Foster, strongly suggesting that prosecutors believe her initial story, not the one about a road-rage fight with another woman. Through her attorney, Ennis last month said she made up the story about Foster hitting her because she wanted to “trash his career.”

Imagine trying to ruin someone’s life because they wanted to break up with you, so you decide to lie and put them in prison. Luckily for Foster, he has no children with Ennis and can hopefully move on with his life and never have contact with her again.

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