Arizona Rookie Christian Kirk Was Arrested Before Draft, And Cops Say He Was High On Cocaine

Arizona Cardinals rookie Christian Kirk was arrested outside the Phoenix Open on February 2, nearly three months before he was selected with the 47th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Kirk, a wide receiver out of Texas A&M, was charged with criminal damage and disorderly conduct after witnesses saw him and a few friends throwing rocks at parked cars.

The media somehow did not get wind of Kirk’s arrest until this week. However, the Cardinals say they found out right away.

“We knew about it,” head coach Steve Wilks said after practice on Tuesday, per AZ Central. “We did our own independent research on it, and we felt very good about the information we received. That’s why we moved forward and drafted him. As I stated before, we want to bring in great character guys, and I think Christian is one of those guys.”

What the Cardinals might not have known at the time, however, was that Scottsdale Police believe Christian Kirk was high on cocaine at the time of his arrest.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, when the police arrived at the scene on February 2, one of the officers “immediately noticed Kirk’s demeanor. He had a blank stare.”

“I further noticed the grinding movement of his jaw and continued blank stare,” that officer wrote in his report. “These are common signs of an individual high on stimulants, such as cocaine.”

Obviously, you can’t convict a guy of using illegal drugs based on one police officer’s observations. But cocaine certainly would explain why a guy like Kirk would put his prosperous future on the line to throw rocks at cars like an angry 13-year-old whose parents are going through a divorce.

As for the Cardinals, if they did know the full story about Kirk’s possible cocaine use, they sure do have unusual ideas about what constitutes a “great character guy.”

Can you even imagine if Baker Mayfield had been the one arrested for throwing rocks at cars while high on cocaine? The media would have exploded with hot takes, and the dude would have dropped to the fourth round.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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