Former Cowboys Coach Rob Ryan Says Dez Bryant Ruined A Cornerback’s Career In A Single Day

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The Dallas Cowboys may think Dez Bryant is washed up, but former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan still believes in him.

During a recent appearance on Fox Sports 1’s Undefeated, Ryan had nothing but good things to say about Bryant, who was released by the Cowboys in April after eight mostly stellar seasons.

“Look, this was my next-door neighbor in training camp,” Ryan said. “He’s all football. This guy loves football. He is so passionate about it. I say he is the genuine article. He’s a wild horse. That’s what he is.”

Ryan then went on to claim that Dez single-handedly ruined a certain cornerback’s career in just one day.

“Believe me, I made the mistake of putting a first-year corner on him the first day of practice and Dez Bryant punked him, knocked him down so bad he had a terrible career,” Ryan said. “He’s still playing but he’s not any good, and it’s because Dez punked him. So I believe in Dez. That was the beginning of the end. Dumbest thing I ever did.”

“But I tell you what, I love Dez Bryant. And I believe in him.”

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Ryan did not mention that cornerback’s name. But it’s a pretty good bet he was talking about Morris Claiborne, who was drafted sixth overall by Dallas in 2012. Claiborne recorded just four interceptions over five pedestrian seasons with the Cowboys and is now entering his second season with the New York Jets.

It will certainly be interesting to see if Ryan’s endorsement helps Dez get a job.

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