Bartolo Colon Stops 102-MPH Comeback Liner With His Belly (VIDEO)

Bartolo Colon Liner to Belly

Over the last few years Bartolo Colon has become more famous for his comically rotund belly than he ever was for winning a Cy Young Award or putting together a 20-win season.

On Wednesday, Colon put his famous belly to good use.

In the bottom of the fourth against the Seattle Mariners, Jean Segura smoked a 102-mph liner right back up the middle. Unfortunately, Colon was not able to get his glove on the ball. However, all that extra padding in the midsection absorbed the blow, and Colon was able to pick up the ball and throw to first base in time to record the out.

Take a look:

As you can see, Colon was completely unfazed by the line drive to the gut. Most guys would have cracked a rib on a play like that, but Colon went on to pitch 7 2/3 scoreless innings, striking out three in what would end up being a 5-1 win for the Rangers.

Don’t be surprised if pitchers all around MLB start pounding donuts by the dozen. With that kind of shock absorption, a big belly might just be the key to winning a Gold Glove award.

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