Reuben Foster’s Ex-GF Admits Robbing Him of $8K & Falsely Accusing Another Ex-BF of Domestic Violence (TWEETS)

Elissa Ennis, the ex-girlfriend of Reuben Foster, took the stand on Thursday to come clean about the blatant lies she told to investigators and clear his name after she accused of domestic violence.

Ennis admitted she lied to police and fabricated domestic violence claims for financial gain and her anger stemmed from the fact that the San Francisco 49ers linebacker had just broken up with her and she wanted revenge.

To make matters even worse, Ennis went on to admit that she had done something similar to another ex-boyfriend, when she falsely accused him of domestic violence.

On top of lying about domestic abuse, she also committed robbery against Foster:

“In the time since the Feb. 11 incident, Ennis said she has had little contact with Foster. In one of the few interactions, she acknowledged following Foster to a car dealership as he returned a Corvette, taking photos of the car and then sending them to Foster via text with threats that she would sell them to TMZ.

She also admitted to stealing more than $8,000 from Foster after taking his account and routing numbers. That money has since been seized by the bank and returned to Foster, but Ennis said she still has the two Rolexes she took from Foster in a safe deposit box in Louisiana. Ennis also said Thursday that she had been in touch with Foster recently because she was dealing with depression from the breakup and wanted his help so she could check herself into a clinic in Louisiana.”

Again, no charges are expected to be brought on Ennis for any of this and she’ll likely be able to walk away with a clean slate, and free to do this once again to another man.

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