Terry Rozier’s Old Tweets Bashing LeBron Are Even Funnier Now! (TWEETS)

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Back in 2011, when LeBron James was losing to the Dallas Mavericks during his first trip to the NBA Finals as a member of the Miami Heat, just about everyone and their mothers were busy taking to Twitter to bash the star. Among those voicing their displeasure with the traitor was Celtics guard Terry Rozier, who was still attending Shaker Heights High School in the state of Ohio at the time.

Because he was nothing more than a high school baller, no one made much of Rozier’s tweets back then. Fast forward to today, however, and they’re suddenly quite noteworthy with Rozier’s Celtics leading LeBron’s Cavs 2-0 in their Eastern Conference Finals series.

If you missed the tweets back then, no need to worry. Even seven years later, they’re still quite applicable:


Rozier is a pretty funny dude, but he and the Celtics are probably best off if LeBron never sees these tweets. Even if they are seven years old. The last thing you want is to give the best basketball player in the world any added incentive to beat you.

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