Ex-NBA Player Stephen Jackson Takes Shot At Watt For Distribution of Hurricane Harvey Money (PICS)

Late Friday night, Santa Fe High School officials confirmed that Houston Texans DE J.J. Watt stated he would pay for the funerals of those killed in the shooting earlier in the day by a lone gunman.

Ten people were killed Friday morning and 10 more were wounded when a 17-year-old carrying a shotgun and revolver opened fire at the high school about 30 miles from downtown Houston.

Once news got out that Watt would be helping, he was met with praise from pretty much everybody except a select few people who had something to say about his previous good gesture. Almost a year ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area and Watt helped raise $37 million, but many had questions about where the money went.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson is one of those people. When SportsCenter posted the announcement on Instagram about Watt paying for the funerals, Jackson jumped in the comments and took shots at Watt over what he did with the Hurricane Harvey money.


This is what Watt had to say back in February after a Twitter user questioned him about the Harvey money:

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