Chris Bosh Supports D-Wade’s Movie Career Because ‘He’s Buff & Good-Looking!’ (VIDEO)

It was just a few days ago when TMZ Sports caught up with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade when he said he wanted to co-star in “something romantic” with his movie star wife, Gabrielle Union.


A few days after speaking with Wade, TMZ caught up with his former Miami Heat teammate, Chris Bosh. Even though he’s out of the league because of health reasons, he still fully supports his guy and he would love to see Wade in some movies because ‘he’s buff and good-looking.’


As far as his career goes, Bosh would still love to return to the league, some three years after he was first diagnosed with potentially life-threatening blood clots. During an appearance on ESPN’s First Take back in February, Bosh was asked about potentially returning to the NBA next season. He responded in more immediate terms.

“I’ve been in the gym. I can still play basketball. No, I’m not done yet,” Bosh, 33, said.

“Yeah, I’m trying to come . . . man, I see all these guys shooting threes and not playing defense. Man, I mean, I got to get some of it.”

“It was the first situation that was very dire and very serious, and I’m lucky to be here,” he said of the initial onset of the blood clots during the 2015 All-Star Weekend. “But the second situation, they just said, ‘Well, you can’t play tomorrow.’ “

Only time will tell, but it’s highly unlikely any GM in the league would take a chance on his health failing mid-game.

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