Ticket Prices For LaVar Ball’s JBA League Are Ridiculously Expensive

Back in December, LaVar Ball announced that he would create a league called the Junior Basketball Association for high school basketball players who don’t want to go to college. The league would allow players to play ball and make money while doing so without the threat of NCAA rules.

Five months after people laughed at his idea, tickets went on sale Monday, and Big Baller Brand fans can expect to pay NBA-type prices to see JBA games.

The league features big names such as LaMelo Ball…and that’s about it, because no top-100 player signed to play in the league. Its opening session will be on June 21 in Ontario, California. Ticket prices start at $40 and go for as much as $99 per ticket before fees.


There’s a two-game session in Houston, Texas that has prices that range from $35 each (for groups of 15 or more) to $99 before fees.


If you’ve followed LaVar Ball and his Big Baller Brand company, then you’d know that his prices aren’t much different than how he’;s been pricing his sneakers. Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe, the ZO2, was priced at $495 when it debuted last year. LaMelo Ball’s shoe was $395.

If you need a comparison, only the Warriors, Cavs, Lakers, Spurs and Knicks had average ticket prices that exceeded $99 during the 2016-2017 season. Even some G-League teams sold tickets in the $10 range.


Just like everything in life, there will be an assortment of folks who pay these prices to see these young men ball out.


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