Clint Capela: ‘Curry Won’t Be Making 3’s If I’m Guarding Him’

It is never a good idea to poke a sleeping bear. I’m not sure what the saying is when you poke a bear that is already woke.

In Game 3, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry reminded everybody who he was when he finished with a playoff-high 35 points — 15 of which came from behind the arc.

Despite Curry looking like he’s finally back to form, Houston Rockets center Clint Capela doesn’t seem to be quite worried about the former MVP finding his range. As far as Capela’s concerned, if he’s guarding Steph, those shots won’t be going in the basket.

Per The Undefeated:

While Curry appears to be his old scoring self again, Rockets center Clint Capela wasn’t in awe.

“I don’t think there was a difference,” Capela told The Undefeated. “During the three games [this series], he just kept playing. Tonight, he just had open looks at the 3 and just shot it. But the first two games, he didn’t have open looks from 3. Tonight, he just made them.

“If I’m close to him when he’s shooting 3s, he’s not going to make 3s. Whenever he got a little separation, that is why he made 3s. Not really [worried].”

That is either some sound confidence or pure foolishness that may inspire Steph to go off for a smooth 50 before the 4th quarter even hits.

Game 4 is Tuesday night at Oracle.

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