Durant on His Critics: Being ‘Fake is What Runs The World Right Now’

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Other than LeBron James, no other NBA player has been heavily criticized as much as Kevin Durant has over the past two years.

As his social media accounts have told us, the superstar is very aware of his critics speaking about him, but he doesn’t seem to care that people think he’s phony for making a smart decision for his career.

“Fake is what runs the world right now,” Durant told ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “Narratives are what matter. Perception is what matters. So when you’ve got the majority of the world worrying about perception and what they look like, then the people who don’t care about that stuff seem fake to them.”

The bulk of criticism Durant gets stems from not just bolting from the OKC Thunder in free agency in 2016, but joining the 73-win Golden State Warriors after they erased a 3-1 deficit and eliminated his team from the playoffs just two months prior.

He also admitted that moving from a small market in OKC to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley was a great business move.

“I have mentors like (venture capitalists) Ron Conway and Ben Horowitz and good friendships with guys like Chris Lyons,” Durant said. “I mean, you just go to dinner with these guys, hang out with them. You start to meet these types of people at games. It’s a little easier being here than saying, ‘Let’s meet up when I come in from Oklahoma.'”

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