LaVar Ball Says That His Sons Will Be Billionaires Before LeBron James (VIDEO)

It seems it’s been a few months since LaVar Ball has given us some outrageously hot takes about his sons, but he wasted no time getting back to form.

LaVar Ball’s “master plan” was originally to get Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball all on the Los Angeles Lakers roster together. Now, he’s thinking even bigger.

The Big Baller Brand CEO wants the Lakers to turn his children into the NBA’s first active billionaires.

LaVar was in attendance at the Pro Basketball Combine at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, when Hoop Journey filmed a conversation between LaVar and the combine staff. During that convo, LaVar broke down how his sons would earn their first billion dollars.

LaVar: Do you know much LeBron is worth?
Staffer: Probably close to a billion dollars.
LaVar: No, 400 million. 15 years in the league.

LaVar continued:

“Check this out. This is nothing. Melo’s shoes are $400. Lonzo’s shoes are $500. If they sell a million shoes within a year or two, I’m giving them all the money. So that’s $4-500 million they’re gonna make right there … Lonzo, Gelo and Melo are going to be the first ball players to be billionaires playing ball.”

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LaVar believes getting all three of his sons on the Lakers should accelerate their shoe sales and put them on the path to ridiculous riches.

“That’s worldwide,” he said. “We’ve been to China, London. We close, man.”

“When all three of them get on the Lakers, the shoe game will be so easy,” he said. “If all of them sell a million shoes in one year, that’s $1.4 billion in one year just on shoes, straight to them. They all got their signature shoe. You know how long you gotta wait to get a signature shoe? Come on.”

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