REPORT: Eagles Had A Trade That Would’ve Sent Nick Foles To The AFC; Foles Declined

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No one could’ve known that Carson Wentz going down late in the season would invigorate Nick Foles’ career as he lead the team through the playoffs and ultimately to their first Super Bowl win.

That immediately made him the most coveted QB in the league for QB-hungry teams who are looking for a starter. It turns out the Cleveland Browns wanted Foles in the worst way, and were willing to part ways with the 35th overall pick in the 2018 draft, sources told’s Michael Silver.

Silver went on to state that the Eagles informed Foles of the possible trade, but he had no interest in playing for Cleveland and would rather be a back-up in Philly. The Eagles reworked Foles’ deal, giving him a $2 million bonus and incentives that allow him to earn up to $14 million.

That made the Browns turn to Plan B — giving the Buffalo Bills a 3rd-rounder to acquire quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Cleveland would then draft QB Baker Mayfield with the #1 overall draft pick, and they used the 35th pick to select running back Nick Chubb.

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