Trump Takes A Shot At NFL While Honoring NASCAR Because “They Stand For The Anthem” (VIDEO)

Just when you thought this beef was dying…

On Monday, President Donald Trump called NASCAR a sport for “patriotic Americans,” because they stand for the National Anthem, a clear shot at the NFL and their players, who have been a PR nightmare thanks to their protests during the Anthem.

“This lively sport reflects our national spirit and our can-do attitude. At every NASCAR race, you will see thousands of patriotic Americans, from the grandstands to the pit stalls, proudly waving our flag and roaring with joy at the words, ‘Start your engines,'” he said at a White House event honoring NASCAR Cup Series champion Martin Truex, Jr.

“And I will tell you –one thing I know about NASCAR, they do indeed, Brian, stand for the playing of the national anthem, right,” Trump continued, naming NASCAR CEO Brian France. “They do indeed. Somebody said maybe you shouldn’t say that, that’ll be controversial. I said, that’s OK, NASCAR’s not going to mind it at all. Right fellas? They don’t mind it at all.”


The comments come after a back and forth between the President and the league, with Trump calling players who kneeled for the Anthem “sons of bitches” who should be taken off the field and fired for disrespecting the country.

At the height of the Anthem controversy, NASCAR team owners made it quite clear to their drivers that they wouldn’t tolerate any type of disrespect during the National Anthem, a move that was praised by Donald Trump.