Charles Barkley Says He Still Wants To Punch Draymond Green In The Face (VIDEO)

During the first round of the NBA playoffs, New Orleans Pelicans PG Rajon Rondo and Warriors star Draymond Green got into each others’ faces, which prompted Charles Barkley to state how he wanted somebody to punch Draymond in the face.

Green then challenged Barkley to do it when they see each other. Barkley would end up apologizing, but made it clear he still meant what he said.

A few weeks later and the Warriors are now in a 2-2 series against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. The TNT Analyst was brought on as a guest on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ and after giving Draymond Green some praise for his play on the court, he stated that he still wants to punch him in the face.


Here’s the full segment. Chuck also spoke on the Sterling Brown incident, as well as the NFL’s National Anthem Policy.

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