New Video Shows James Dolan Ordered Charles Oakley’s Ejection, Gave ‘Thumbs Up’ Afterwards: Lawyer (VIDEO)

Back in February of 2017, former New York Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley was trying to take in a Knicks home game, only to have security come over and ask him to leave Madison Square Garden. Oakley would rant and push security before he was ultimately carried out of MSG.

Oakley was handed a 1-year ban by a judge for assault, harassment, and trespassing charges. Over a year after the fact, NY Daily News got a hold of an alternate angle that reportedly shows James Dolan ordering that ejection and giving the thumbs up to his security afterwards.

Moments before the beloved Knick’s confrontation broadcast on national television, Dolan is seen chatting with a security official and then giving him a signal, Oakley’s attorney Douglas Wigdor writes in new papers filed Thursday.

“From the moment he takes his seat Mr. Oakley can be seen laughing and casually interacting with fans. Nowhere is there evidence that he was acting as belligerently as (Dolan and MSG) falsely claim,” papers submitted by Wigdor read.

“During a stoppage in play, Defendant Dolan can be seen summoning a security guard and speaking to him at length. … Within seconds of Defendant Dolan’s gesture, the security guard gathered other security personnel who proceeded to surround Mr. Oakley and throw him out of the Arena.”

Once the notorious melee has ended and security guards take Oakley, 54, into a tunnel to be arrested, Dolan appears to give a “thumbs up,” according to papers.

“When the guards were finished assaulting Mr. Oakley and violently ejecting him from MSG, Defendant Dolan can be seen giving a thumbs up to the security guards,” papers read.


James Dolan would end up firing his security chief Frank Benedetto as a result of the initial altercation.

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