Skip Bayless Slams LeBron James For…Drinking Water? Is This A Joke? This Has To Be A Joke (VIDEO)

Skip Bayless has made it very clear that he does not think LeBron James is even in the conversation for Greatest Basketball Player of All Time. He derides the buzzer-beaters, downplays the championships, celebrates his misfortunes, and turns almost everything into an excuse to criticize the man widely regarded as at least one of the top five players of all time.

All that being said, Bayless’ latest criticism was pretty ridiculous, even for him.

Toward the end of Game 5 between the Celtics and Cavaliers on Wednesday night, ESPN’s cameras focused in on LeBron chugging a bottle of water at the scorers table.


Now, any normal, well-adjusted person would say, gosh, I guess LeBron was thirsty. But Skip Bayless is not a normal, well-adjusted person. So he got on Twitter and criticized the man FOR DRINKING WATER.



According to Bayless, LeBron somehow knew the cameras were on him, and he chugged that water not because he was thirsty, but because he wanted to use fatigue and dehydration as an excuse for why he lost.

As usual, and surely as Bayless himself was hoping, Twitter users tore him a new one for what might be the most ridiculous critique he’s ever offered up.






Bayless wasn’t done, though. After the game he hopped on Facebook Live for an extended 38-minute rant about how LeBron is using the fatigue narrative as an excuse for why he just totally sucks.


Somebody call a doctor. This man needs help.

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