Johnny Manziel Has Some Advice For Baker Mayfield, And It’s Not “Don’t Get Drunk And Beat Up Your Girlfriend” (VIDEO)

Johnny Manziel Baker Mayfield

No NFL franchise knows draft busts better than the Cleveland Browns. But Johnny Manziel was a big one even for them.

Now, as the troubled former Heisman Trophy winner tries to revive his career with the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats, he’s got some advice for Baker Mayfield, a man with his own highly publicized off-field shenanigans.

Manziel shared his thoughts during a call to The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday.

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“I feel like Baker’s in a better situation, having a vet quarterback in there in Tyrod [Taylor]. There’s not pressure on him to come in and start Day 1, and I think he’s going to go into it and he’s going to learn from the vets. It hurts when you don’t have a guy like Joe Thomas on the O-line, because once I started to get to know Joe and started to pick his brain, I really started to learn a lot of stuff.

“He’s got good people around him, he’s got a great group of receivers. And trust in those guys they have around him. That would be my advice to him. Baker’s got the fire, Baker’s got the spark, and I think he’ll do alright. But don’t let the pressure of everything else that goes on get to you. Just go out and make football the main thing.”

Interesting how Manziel tacked “make football the main thing” on at the end. Given his history of partying, substance abuse, and domestic violence, I thought Manziel would have made “make football the only thing” the lede.

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