Matt Barnes Explains Why He Had To Put Hands on Derek Fisher For Breaking The Bro Code

As a man, you’re born with the bro code already instilled in you. It’s something that doesn’t need to be explained…unless you’re Derek Fisher.

A few years ago, Matt Barnes famously left practice to drive 90+ miles to his house to confront and fight former teammate Derek Fisher after he found out he was dating his estranged wife.

Barnes went on The Wendy Williams Show, per Jasmine Brand, to explain that Fisher was a former teammate who had broken the ultimate Bro Code and didn’t have the decency to even tell him about it.

“Basically what is was, you now, I divorced her; figure she’s gonna move on; that’s what happens when you divorce someone and the ultimate goal is to be happy. I found out they hooked up through my kids and I was mad.

We’re former teammates though you know. I kind of think there’s an unspoken you know you guys go to war with each other – mean if it’s a girlfriend or something like that’s fair game but you know of think a wife and kids would be off limits to a teammate but it is what it is from that standpoint.”

He went on to state that a group of his wife’s friends being present was the only thing that saved Fisher on that fateful day.

“He’s lucky it wasn’t just them but she actually had a group of friends over. They were having a game night or a dinner or something – the kids were upstairs asleep by the time I got there nd it just happened. It was like I said I think it’s kind of like an unspoken man rule-teammate rule that you don’t mess with someone’s wife by instinct. my whole focus really was that you’re staying in MY house and being around my kids an you didn’t tell me that. That was my major problem and he understood once we discussed it and spoke about it.”

Fisher has since proposed to Gloria Govan. As for Barnes, he and his ex-wife are due in court in regards to some missing money and possible forging of his signature.

Gloria has stated Barnes is not invited to her wedding and she will toss any gift he gives them in the trash.

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