Michelle Beadle Slams NFL Owners For Anthem Policy During Passionate Speech (VIDEO)

Somehow league owners took the National Anthem issue that was slowly starting to die off amongst players and made it 10x worse by voting on a policy that will fine teams if any players disrespects the Anthem in any way while on the sidelines.

Owners also threw in a way for players to avoid punishment, by letting them remain in the locker room throughout the duration of the Star-Spangled banner. Not surprisingly, that wasn’t well received by many players and fans.

On ESPN’s Get Up!, host Michelle Beadle was flaming hot about the policy and she wanted her voice to be heard. She called out all owners who voted in favor of the new policy, blasting them for refusing to acknowledge the real issue that anthem protests were originally centered around.

Transcribed via FTW:

“They continue to fuel the flames that come from a lot of the fanbase that has completely convoluted what the original message was in the first place. And by the way, if you’re wondering, Google ‘Sterling Brown’ today. Because there’s a video coming out later today with Milwaukee Bucks’ Sterling Brown that’s the exact reason why these guys feel the way they feel, and have every right to feel the way they feel.

Now you’re going to once again put the onus on the players… because you don’t want to open your minds, you don’t want to listen. You want to pretend like you’re having meetings and giving money to these causes and ‘we’re really here for you guys, we care!’

You don’t care. And what you could do is get out in front of it and make the fans understand why this continues to happen instead of turning it into a protest of the flag, of the troops, of this country. It’s never been about any of those things. But they want to continue to fan those flames.”

Here it is live and in color:

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The anger towards the policy reached a fever pitch once President Donald Trump stated on Fox & Friends that players unwilling to stand for the anthem “shouldn’t be in the country,” a suggestion that Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall called “Disgusting.”

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