REPORT: Tom Brady Feels Free To Skip OTAs Now That Jimmy Garoppolo Isn’t Breathing Down His Neck

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The Patriots kicked off their optional organized team activities in Foxborough on Tuesday. However, living legend Tom Brady was nowhere to be found.

The reason? “Family obligations.”

Of course, it is quite possible that Tom really does have family obligations that require his undivided attention. Still, people couldn’t help but wonder what caused the major shift in his thinking on OTAs.

Just last year, on his Facebook show Tom vs. Time, Brady talked about how he wants to win at all costs.

“If you’re going to compete against me,” Brady said, “you better be willing to give up your life, because I’m giving up mine.”

Back in 2013, Brady expounded at length about how important it is to show up for optional OTAs, because they set the tone for training camp, which sets the tone for the season.

So what’s changed? Why is Brady no longer willing to “give up his life” to attend OTAs?

According to WEEI’s Ryan Hannable it’s the absence of Jimmy Garoppolo:

“If Garoppolo was still on the roster there’s no chance Brady would be missing any practice time on the field. Brady barely was willing to give him any meaningless snaps at the end of blowout wins, but he’d miss all 10 OTA sessions which would allow him to get 10 sessions with the first-team offense? There’s no chance.

“Brady knew how good Garoppolo was and that one day he could take his job. The quarterback also knew how much Bill Belichick liked him, so he didn’t want to give the coach any glimpse as to what life would be like with him not there and Garoppolo leading the way.”

Obviously, that’s just a theory. But it’s a pretty convincing one.

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