Steve Kerr Uses MJ Story To Get Durant To Trust Teammates; KD Responds With 0 Assists (VIDEO)

In the second half of Game 5 at the Toyota Center, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr decided to use a Michael Jordan story to get Kevin Durant motivated to trust his teammates. KD had 0 assists at the time of that talk.


On the ensuing possession, the talk must’ve went in one ear and out the other, which led to the Warriors bench boss yelling at the former MVP to do something with the basketball.


After that pep talk, Kevin Durant responded by not recording a single assist in the game, pulling down just 4 total rebounds, taking just 4 shots, and scoring 0 points in the 4th quarter.

For the Warriors to win, Kevin Durant needs to look as unstoppable as he did during the 1st two games of this series. He scored a team-high 29 points, but it took him 22 shots to get there.

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