Sumo Wrestler Suffers Concussion, Keeps Fighting, Then Collapses On Way To Locker Room (VIDEO)

If you think the NFL’s concussion protocol is a joke, wait until you see how they do things in Japanese sumo wrestling.

During a match earlier this week at a tournament in Tokyo, Hokutofuji Daiki, a 6’0″ 359-pounder from Tokorozawa, took a vicious blow to the head from Ryuden Goshi, a 6’2″ 330-pounder from Yamanashi.

Ryuden didn’t do anything illegal. He wasn’t trying to injure Hokutofuji. The collision was simply the natural result of two giant humans launching themselves at each other head-first.

Hokutofuji fell backwards after the impact. The difficulty with which he rolled around onto his knees, not to mention the dazed expression on his face, made it obvious that Hokutofuji had suffered a concussion. However, nobody stopped the match. When Hokutofuji finally got back to his feet, he was allowed to line up against Ryuden again.

Mercifully, Ryuden dispatched Hokutofuji on the next go. But it was after the match that things got really scary. While walking down the tunnel to the locker room, Hokutofuji paused, leaned against the wall, and eventually collapsed onto the floor.

Take a look:

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It’s pretty disgusting that this kind of thing still goes on with everything we now know about long-term repercussions of traumatic brain injuries.

Hopefully Hokutofuji will take time to properly recover before he gets back into the ring.

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