Barkley Changed His Entire Mood About Punching Draymond In The Face Once He Got On Set (VIDEO)

Looks like Charles Barkley wanted no smoke on this night.

During the first round of the playoffs, Barkley stated, out of nowhere, that he wanted to punch Draymond Green square in the face just because he was annoying. Green responded and even his mother responded, but Barkley ultimately apologized.

During the Western Conference Finals, Barkley wanted Kevin Durant to talk about how annoying Draymond was off the court, and it became very evident that he was still not over the beef. Just last week, he stated on ESPN that he still wanted to punch Draymond in the face.

Then came Saturday night at Oracle Arena. Draymond got his chance to confront Barkley on the set of NBA on TNT, and the energy that was displayed for weeks from Barkley had suddenly changed once Green was sitting right there in front of him.

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