Shaq & Barkley Believe Kevin Love Can Fix His Concussion With Advil & Icy Hot (VIDEO)

With three losses already on the road to the Boston Celtics, and all of them being blowouts by 13 points or more, the Cleveland Cavaliers already faced an uphill battle to get back into the NBA Finals.

To make the situation worse, Kevin Love went down with a head injury in Game 6 within the first few minutes and never returned. He has since been placed in the NBA’s concussion protocol and will miss Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics on Sunday.

That topic was discussed on TNT’s Inside the NBA on Saturday, with Shaquille O’Neal suggesting that he would’ve taken advil to play in the game. Then Barkley suggested using Icy Hot to get him to play in a Game 7.

O’Neal: “Ain’t nothing holding me from no Game 7. I’m going straight to Walgreens, getting some Advil. We gonna play.”

Barkley: “And some Icy Hot! I’m with you on those things. I’m not missing a Game 7.”


Kenny Smith was the only voice of reason, saying, “When you’re 60 and shaking then you’re going to be saying, ‘I should have sat out.'”

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