Jim Carrey Rips The NFL For “Exploiting Players” & Trump For Being A “Draft-Dodging Racist” (TWEET)

You don’t find comedian/actor Jim Carrey in many movies in this day and age, but he still remains a legend for the laughs he has provided over the years.

Lately, he’s been a guy who likes to speak out on certain topics and does so with pictures that he creates. He does all of this apologetically, so it was no surprise that he would direct his next rant towards the NFL and Donald Trump.

The 56-year-old took to Twitter on Tuesday and blasted the league, who he accused of exploiting players for 3 years, only to abandon them to a lifetime of pain. That may be in reference to the many former players who deal will terrible pain during their post-NFL careers, several of which have led to suicide as a result.

He then directed his anger towards the league for siding with President Donald Trump—who he called a draft dodging racist—when they voted on a National Anthem policy that would subject teams to fines if players are not respecting the Star-Spangled Banner while on the sidelines.

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