Let’s Watch A Bunch Of Idiots Almost Kill Themselves Chasing A Wheel Of Cheese Down A Hill (VIDEO)

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Race

The English county of Gloucestershire held its world famous Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling on Monday. That means dozens of presumably sane humans hurled themselves down a 600-foot hill in pursuit of an eight-pound wheel of Double Glouchester cheese.

The event, which takes place on Cooper’s Hill in the village of Brockworth, is believed to have started centuries ago. It was officially declared illegal in 2010 on account of the threat it poses to public health and safety. But locals have managed to keep the tradition going anyway.

There are six different races in all—three men’s and three women’s. This year’s big winner was Chris Anderson, who set an all-time record when he captured his 21st cheese over the last 14 years.

According to The Guardian Anderson has suffered numerous injuries during his 14-year reign of glory, including a torn calf this year, bruised kidneys in 2010, and a broken ankle in 2005. Other injuries suffered this year include a dislocated shoulder, plus numerous cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

Take a look at the carnage:

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In case you were wondering, winners don’t actually have to capture the cheese. Seeing as how the cheese gets a one-second head start and travels upwards of 70 mph, capturing the cheese would be impossible. To win, all you have to do is cross the finish line first.

Sounds run, right?

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