Tinashe Hits Same Nightclub as Donovan Mitchell After Ben Simmons Allegedly Dumped Her For Kendall Jenner (VIDEO)

It’s been a crazy few weeks for Ben Simmons.

First, there were rumors of him and singer Tinashe splitting up—in which Simmons accused her of using him for fame by calling paparazzi anytime they would go out anywhere. Then another report surfaced stating the Philadelphia 76ers rookie was dating Kendall Jenner, just months after she broke it off with fellow NBA player Blake Griffin.

Then, Tinashe’s own brother took to Twitter and ripped Simmons for the allegations and accused him of cheating on his sister. Those rumors had her Grandmother so upset that she had to quit Twitter.


It’s funny that he mentioned Donovan Mitchell, because TMZ recently caught up with Tinashe while she was leaving Chateau Marmont Wednesday night. And it just so happens that the Utah Jazz rookie was in that same Hollywood night club at the time.

“Our photog insists he saw Tinashe talking with Mitchell at Warwick … but when we talked to the singer on the way out, she laughed at the insinuation she was shooting her shot. 

In fact, Mitchell left the club a short time later — with so many hot young ladies in his car he couldn’t even fit ’em all in — and made two chicks hit the pavement!”

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