This FIFA 18 Goal Is INSANE Even By Video Game Standards (VIDEO)

Incredible plays are way more common in sports video games than they are in real life. That’s what makes sports video games so fun. You get to perform transcendent, once-in-a-lifetime plays on a fairly regular basis. However, the flip side to this is that, because incredible plays are relatively common in video games, they’re also somehow less impressive.

But that does not apply to the one you’re about to see. It’s absolutely incredible even by video game standards.

It comes to us from the last round of qualifying for the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup Grand Final. Competitor Tim Katnawatos of Germany, who plays with Swiss club FC Basel under the handle “TheStrxngeR,” scored an absolutely INSANE goal to take a 4-2 lead with just a few minutes left on the game clock.

Using Brazilian legend Ronaldo thanks to FIFA 18‘s Ultimate Team mode, TheStrxngeR chipped a little pass over his head to himself at the outer edge of the goal box. Then he laid out 180 degrees and volleyed the ball into the top right hand corner of the gaol.

TheStrxngeR smiles just a little at first. Then does his best to play it cool, acting like he scores goals like this all the time. However, the reaction of his opponent, Moaubameyang, pretty much says it all.

Take a look:


Ronaldo scored a lot of golazos in his day, but I don’t know if he ever scored one that good.

Just kidding! He totally did.

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In case you were wondering, TheStrxngeR went on to reach the FIFA 18 eWorld Cup Grand Final, which runs August 2-4 and will determine the best FIFA 18 player in the world.

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