Massive Brawl At MMA Event Had Woman Flying Through The Air (VIDEO)

Watching sporting events, many have seen their fair share of fights in the crowd, but nothing will compare this one.

The Titans Cage (TTC) is an amateur MMA event that was held over the weekend, but it never got the chance to finish because fans started to argue outside the cage and punches began to fly.

Via Norcalmixedmartialarts:

“A wild melee in the crowd caused the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department to cut the evening several scraps short.

After three rounds of mayhem between Francisco Ragsdale and Samuel James, both in and out of the cage, TTC’s ring announcer, Wayne Wilson, never rendered the judges’ scorecards because the poor choice of the audience—to not leave the fighting to those sanctioned by C.A.M.O (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization)—created a chaotic scene.”

Here’s a play by play of what happened that caused the ruckus:

“During and between rounds, Ragsdale’s rabid fanbase, even after multiple warnings, refused to abide by the demands of TTC’s security: keep the aisles clear and remain where your seat’s proximity”

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