REPORT: Houston Rockets To Aggressively Pursue Paul George (VIDEO)

The arms race is officially on.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey made it no secret that he put his team together to not only compete, but to beat the Golden State Warriors and knock them off their pedestal.

The team was up 3-2 against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. They were pretty much a healthy Chris Paul away from accomplishing their goal before losing Games 6 and 7 without CP3 in the lineup.

Now, they are reportedly looking into adding even more fire power for the 2018-2019 season.

After a disastrous season with the OKC Thunder, Paul George might be looking to join another squad. If he doesn’t go to the Lakers, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said he expects the Rockets to be “aggressive” in trying to find a way to sign him.

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George, a native of Los Angeles, has been open and honest about his desire to sign and play in front of his hometown, but if he’s ready to win right now, then Houston is the place to be.

Woj also stated George “fits right in” with the Philadelphia 76ers, but he didn’t clarify as to whether the team is even interested in signing him.

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