CJ McCollum Says He’d Rather Get Swept Than Take The Sucker Way of Winning A Ring Like Durant (TWEETS)

Kevin Durant is just one more win away from winning back-to-back NBA titles to add to his already illustrious career, but most opposing fan bases will always associate him as the guy who joined an already stacked team to accomplish his goal.

While old school players have spoken out about current players joining up to make their job easier, not many current players have said much of anything and have pretty much gave KD his props for being a great player.

CJ McCollum is not one of those players. The Portland Trail Blazers star took to twitter recently and replied to a user that he’d rather get swept out of the playoffs than take the Kevin Durant route to win a ring.

He then stated he told Durant this to his face.

As far as getting swept out of the playoffs, the Blazers accomplished that during this years playoffs when they got rolled over by the New Orleans Pelicans.

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