Meet Gabby DiMarco, The HOT Padres Fan Who Caught A Ball In Her Beer, Chugged It, And Stole Every Baseball Fan’s Heart (PICS)

Earlier this week baseball fans everywhere fell in love with a female Padres fan who caught a foul ball in her beer and chugged the thing down without hesitation.



Now, thanks to the the San Diego Union-Tribune‘s Abby Hamlin, we know that fan’s name. It’s Gabby DiMarco. She’s a 23-year-old student at Cal State San Marcos. And she was at Tuesday’s game against the Braves with her friend, her dad, and her dad’s girlfriend.

“I felt like I won the lottery,” DiMarco said in an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune on Wednesday. “I was like, ‘what are the chances?’ I wasn’t even trying to catch this ball and it landed in my cup.”

Apparently chugging the foul ball beer was a no-brainer.

“So many people were cheering, ‘chug!'” DiMarco recounted. “I was like, ‘absolutely I will chug this beer, are you kidding me?'”

“I love beer,” she continued. “I’m so into the San Diego beer culture with all the good beer and breweries.”

Judging by her Instagram account, Gabby DiMarco is every bit as awesome as she looks.

Exotic travels? Check.


Do you think I can get them through customs? #ele’s #chiangmai #thailandia

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Extreme sports? Check.


Spat on my face a bit #tbt

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Badass tattoos? Check.


It’s Saturday my dudes

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Loves to party? Check.


Cashing that mexi breeze 🇲🇽 #vivamexico

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Hot bikini pics? Check.


It’s the 4th! 🇺🇸💥 #merica #fourthofjuly

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Really genuinely loves beer? Check.


Mama loves her beer 🍺

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No word yet as to whether Gabby plans to accept any of the 3.2 million marriage proposals she has received over the last several days.

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