REPORT: Four Entertainment Industry Sources Say LeBron Is Taking His Talents To Hollywood

The NBA Finals aren’t actually over. But they might as well be now that the Warriors have a commanding 3-0 lead. And you know what that means: time to start speculating about where LeBron James is going to go this offseason!

Of course, people have been speculating about LeBron leaving Cleveland ever since he went back there four years ago. But this time—with the Cavs roster in shambles and owner Dan Gilbert still very much a damn fool—it really feels like he might actually do it.

So what’s the latest hot gossip? According to Pete Zayas of @LakersFilmRoom—a very credible source who works with a number of Lakers blogs—four different entertainment industry sources say LeBron will take his talents to Hollywood this summer.

Zayas dropped this bomb on the latest episode of the Under the Buss podcast.

“I do think they’re going to get Paul George. I think they’re gong to get LeBron, too…I think both guys are coming,” Zayas said.

“I’ve had four different sources in the entertainment industry—none of them have been basketball people—that have said, ‘no, LeBron’s coming. He’s had to put X, Y, and Z in motion from a marketing standpoint.’ Because he’s not just a basketball player. He’s a guy who’s an industry in a lot of ways, and he’s had to tell his people, ‘hey this is what I’m looking to do.'”

Zayas fully admits that there is reason to be skeptical about gossip from non-basketball sources. However, he says the fact that he heard it from four different people makes him more inclined to believe it.

“Now, everybody loves to have the juicy bit of gossip and info and things like that, so when people tell me that, it’s like, ‘ya ya ya.’ But the similarities in the four different people that told me—two of which actually aren’t Lakers fans and don’t want him to come to the Lakers—it was like, huh, that’s interesting.”

You can listen to the full podcast below. The part about LeBron and Lakers free agency starts around 35:50.

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