CM Punk Calls Donald Trump A Racist; Says He Would Never Go To The White House (VIDEO)

When you hear the saying, “tell us how you really feel,” it’s usually reserved for people who have no filter and will say whatever they want unapologetically.

CM Punk is one of those people. Reporters recently caught up with the former WWE star turned MMA fighter to ask him for his thoughts on the recent talk about athletes going to the White House after winning a championship. Punk stated first that he would not be invited. And even if he was, he wouldn’t attend because he doesn’t hang out with racists.


One day before the Eagles were supposed to attend the White House, Donald Trump unexpectedly rescinded the invite, citing the low number of players that planned to attend. He then took it one step further by stating that neither the Cavs nor the Warriors would be invited after the NBA Finals were over.

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