Huge 15-Man Brawl In The Crowd Distracts Tyson Fury-Sefer Seferi Boxing Match (VIDEO)

With one minute to go in the second round on the Fury-Seferi boxing match over the weekend, a scuffle broke out in the crowd that was so massive that both boxers had to take a mini break to check out what was going on.

At one point, Fury even looked at his opponent and laughed as to say, “You seeing this, bro?” Instead of taking advantage of Fury losing his concentration, Seferi stood motionless and looked out over the ropes as well.


Boxing fans posted videos of the dust up on social media, which appears to show two groups of men trading blows.


The fight was called at the end of the fourth round, when Sefer Seferi pulled himself out. Fans boo’d the ref after he waved it off.

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