Watch An Upset Mike Tyson Throw His Drink At Don King at a Boxing Hall-of-Fame Event (VIDEO)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the relationship between Mike Tyson and his one time boxing promoter Don King that deteriorated years ago. In case you were wondering, that relationship shows no signs of getting any better anytime soon.

The two former friends appeared together on a panel at this weekend’s Boxing Hall of Fame event in New York, and Tyson was not in a friendly mood.

The former boxing champ, who was already seated at the table, didn’t take too kindly to King patting him on the shoulder as he walked by, so he let him know not to touch him by throwing his drink at him.

😳😳😳 @miketyson throws drink at Don king at the BHOF event when don tried to touch him as if they were friends #miketyson #donking #brooklyn #knockouts #drama #beef #money #robbed Via my guy @phriedmans_phitness

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Mike Tyson once sued King for $100 million, alleging the boxing promoter cheated him out of millions over more than a decade.

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